Our Story


I'm Sarah Bartlett, Founder of MommyDazzle®.

Upon becoming a mom, I decided to leave my 11 year teaching career in Bethesda, Maryland and my husband and I relocated to Tampa, FL with our son.

I always struggled with the idea of leaving my baby with a total stranger. Being new to the area, it was very difficult for me to find experienced and reliable babysitters that I could trust.

Shortly after getting settled we had our second son and it became even more difficult for my husband and I to spend time together, run errands, or just get some alone time without having to worry about finding a sitter.

Since we didn't have many options and I wasn't comfortable having a high school or college age babysitter with no parenting experience to watch my children, I became involved in local mom's groups and soon discovered I wasn't the only one who felt this way. So, a few of us started to help each other out by babysitting for one another from time to time.

It then became abundantly clear mom's were much more comfortable leaving their children with another mom and so the journey began to build a different kind of babysitting experience for our friends and neighbors.

We are now extending that experience to you...

MommyDazzle® is the only organization that hires current moms exclusively to perform sitting services for your family. We are a team of moms working together to help other moms.

Welcome to the family!